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VIS MEDICATRIX NATURAE“The Healing power of nature”

Plants have a matrix most mysterious, there healing powers have not been obscured, only forgotten.

I tell you truly, the book of nature is a holy scroll, and if you would have the sons of men save themselves and find everlasting life, teach them how once again to read from the living pages of the earthly mother. For in everything that is life is the law written. It is written in the grass, in the trees, in the rivers, mountains, birds of the sky, and fishes of the sea; and most of all within the son of man.

Jesus, The Essene Gospels of Peace: book four
– Teachings of the Elect

Of the things of nature, truly it is to be lamented that men and women of these times which pretend to so much light, should guide their way as to put out everyone’s eyes, by trampling on that which should preserve them. Forthwith, bringing a great discouragement of those that have any mind to bend their studies in this way.

Matthiolus, Art of Simpling

The essence of all beings is earth, the essence of earth is water, the essence of water is plants, the essence of plants is the human being.

Chandogya, from the Upanishads

And GOD said, “Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the earth and every tree, in which is the fruit of a yielding seed: to you it shall be meat.

Genesis 1:29, Los Biblios

The study of simple drugs is a study so agreeable, and so exhalted in its own nature, that it has been the pursuit of the first geniuses of all ages.

Pierre Pomet, Histoire Generale Des Drogues

Evey simple plant remedy is blessed and gifted by GOD and its Handmaiden nature to such an extent, that according to it’s own nature and way, it has the power to heal, strengthen, allay pain, cool, warm up, purge, and sweat.

Heironymus Bock, Kreuterbuch

The laws of nature are the thoughts of GOD. Through the great revolutions which have taken place in the forms of thoughts, the elements of truth in the successive systems have been preserved, while the errors try to be constantly eliminated: and so as I believe, it will always be, until the last generalization of all brings us into the presence of that law, which is indeed the thought of GOD. Nature shall prevail.

J.P. Cook JR., Steeles Popular Sciences

Realizing that visible bodies are only symbols of invisible forces, the ancients worshiped the divine power through the lower kingdoms of nature. The sages of old studied living things to a point of realization – That GOD is most perfectly understood through a knowledge of his supreme handiwork, animate and inanimate nature. Thus realizing that every existing life form manifests some aspect of the power or intelligence of the eternal one.

Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.

Hippocrates, Greek father of natural medicine

GOD made the earth yield healing herbs, which the prudent man should not neglect.

Ecclesiastes 38:4, Los Biblios

When obscurities and legends are removed in the light of modern methods, the treatment with plant simples so dear to our ancestors are still capable of rendering their services.

Henri Leclerc, Precise De Phytotherapie

If those of these times would but be, by a joint concurrence, as industrious to search into the secrets of the nature of herbs, and make trial of them. They would no doubt find the force of simples many times no less effectual, then that of compounds to which this present age is too much addicted.

William Cole, Adam in Eden

It is the earth, like a kind mother, receives us at our birth, and sustains us when born. How she returns with interest every good commited to her care, and though she supplies the poison she still supplies the antidote. Though constantly teased, the more to furnish the luxuries of man than his necessities, yet even to the last, she continues her kind indulgence. Then when life is over, she piously hides his remains in her bosom.

Pliny, Natural History

If the people of this planet would take at least some responsibility for a healthful cause, not just inside of themselves, but for all the living matter and energy that makes up all forms of existence. Then they might understand that the universe growing inside of themselves, is in direct relation to the rest of the ones expanding continually, in the grand universe of manifested thought on all levels. For within these levels all the natural aspects of GOD’s framework and adjusted realities would speak to them to walk a natural path. Bringing true light back into balance on this planet, allowing all lifeforms to co-exist in a harmony that so many of us have forgotten. The mainstay of our species lies in the natural hands of creation, and understanding it to a point where it only becomes natural to walk in beauty through it and use it. Instead of becoming arrogant, and slanted, to the point of deceit, by our own so called greatly justified minds.

Gerald Hanson, The Specter Within

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